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    Couple of C A/C quesitons

    Is it really worth going from 14SEER to 16SEER? I live in the NE.

    Also, is it worth putting in AccuClean system? If I am only putting in Central Air w/o hydro heat. won't I only be able to take advantage of the filter in the summer?


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    The real question shoud be do you use the air all the time?

    If you don't is it worth it going to 14 seer?

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    you can run your fan all year to filtrate the air..just turn the fan switch on the stat to fan on..may cost you but its better then breathing your stuffy air in your closed up house in the winter imo..i know it gets cold up here and opening the windows is unreasonable..
    i live in the N.E as well...some of the places offer rebate programs to go to a higher effiecency unit..find out if your utility company does so and make your decision..i guess the real question is how old is you 14 seer and have you been having problems with it???if you have and its over ten years old,or just a lemon nickle and diming you,i'd say its worth it.IMO

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