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Us "southern folks" are motivated to work for private mehanical contractors where we can make better money, better working conditions, and don't have to put up with Disney Imagineering. (True Name).

Their HVAC folks are part of the UA Local 803 but are not Building Trade Journeymen. Not sure what their classification is but their apprenticeship focus is on reach-in freezers and kitchen equipment. There are some good mechanical people at Disney, but they usually sub-contract all work of any size.
Guys please excuse the major bumpage here but, this thread was relevant to my search for answers and figured I'd continue using this rather than make my own. I had my orientation today at local 803 and noticed there were guys from the Disney program there. We were all in the same room but, everything they were involved with was separate from the building trades guys. I asked for some info about them as this is the first time I heard about the Disney program and was told they're program is only 4 years vs 5 years, their tools are provided for them (I think they are supplied with a toolbox upon being hired), and their schedule is more fixed vs ours and of course they have their own instructor. Another thing he mentioned was that the pay is roughly the same but their benefits are pretty good. Other than that, that's all I know.

Does anyone have anymore information about the program? Mostly about the type of work they do? Disney is literally a city of its own with all kinds of resorts, restaurants, parks, and so on.. I'm from FL and sometimes I get lost when going out there (I feel sorry for you tourists lol). So is the work divided into certain specialties or something? Or is it like quoted above where the work mostly consists of refrigeration?