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    HVAC Problems looking for advice

    Hello everyone,

    I've searched the board for more than a year now this is my first post.

    I have a Carrier Comfort Zone II 4 zone system (pre-Infinity). It was installed a year and a half ago when we built the new house. The system includes a FV4B fan and and 38EYG Heat Pump. They installed the four zone controllers above a mechanical bypass on the supply riser. The system was not cooling well and would run often and during our first year we made several calls to the builder and the HVAC company would come out and look into our problems. One time they said we were low on Puron, another time they found a small leak in the evaporator coil and replaced the coil, and other times they could not find anything wrong with the operation. Skip forward a few months later (15 months after initial install) and after our first cold snap in years (I live in Central Florida) I get a $500.00 power bill (3000 square foot home, no pool, no other large power draws, 78 deg. thermostat setting). I called our power company Progress Energy and they did a home audit. Here's the only issues they found, the bypass damper was installed incorrectly and was set open 100% of the time with 5lbs of weight on the end. Called Carrier and had a second HVAC company come out to inspect and to get a second opinion. The company finds a laundry list of problems including the bypass damper was 100% open short cycling the entire system. The damper is 19" and is before the four zone supply connections.

    The builder has been trying to give me a song and dance delaying meetings and not addressing the issues and the original installer claims they did a great install and everything was done correctly.

    Here are my problems:

    1) The system has an additional 50%-60% economic life added to it because of the ongoing run times and not being able to cool correctly.
    2) My power bill overage totals around $1,300 of wasted energy for the HVAC.
    3) I think it is configured correctly now with the bypass correctly weighted but several people tell me mechanical bypasses are a cheap way to configure the system.

    What would you do and what are my options?

    Thanks and sorry for the long post...

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    Someone needs to do a static pressure test to see if the bypass is even needed. With a variable air flow fan, it can push through most restrictions caused by only one zone operating. At least it sounds like 18-19" would be too big. Most weighted bypasses aren't designed to work with variable air blowers because a zone closes, and the blower ramps up, then the bypass opens, and the blower slows down, then the bypass lowers, then the blower speeds up and on and on forever. Again, have them check the static pressure to validate the need/size of the bypass.

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    Bypass may or may not be needed,likely it is larger then needed.

    Post all model numbers and the size of each zone damper,to get more advice.

    It will be difficult to get the HVAC company or the builder to compensate you and it's difficult to determine the correct amount,I'd ask for a 10yr Parts and labor from Carrier,paid by one of them.Might be easie to get them to do.

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