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    Confused Floaire BDU18 upblast roof ventilator motor question.

    Hello all. I have a a floaire model # BDU18 upblast roof ventilator and I am having some motor trouble. Its a belt drive centrifugal fan. I have always admired hvac sense a kid and now that I'm 17 when I saw this on craigslist for 100 bucks with just a motor replacement needed i had to take this opportunity to learn about roof ventilators. The problem is that it had a 3 phase 1.5 hp 230/440vac motor on it. I would like to put a 1phase motor on this fan with same specs but when I went out to harbor frieght and picked up a motor (mistake) it turned out to overload. The motor was a general duty 120/230vac 1phase and it was 1hp instead of 1.5hp like the original motor. Unfortunately I don't have 3phase power to use the origina motor so that is why I got this. Anyways the harbor frieght motor ended up turning on and running the fan perfectly fine until I lifted the fan to allow air to flow. When the air flowed through the motor would shut off then turn back on and once operating rpm was reached it would shut of again and a viscous cycle until a breaker blew. Personally harbor freights stuff is pretty cheap and i think thats why this is happening. I really need to get a motor in this fan so I can do something with it sense I could not bring myself to scrap it. I want to stay 1phase 120/230vac with the fans specified 1.5hp of course. Unless there is a way to wire the original 3phase motor on single phase with capacitors or something then can anyone point me in the right direction with this?

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    UPDATE: I was outside messing with the harbor freight motor and it turned out to be that the motor was shorting due to messed up wiring diagrams in the original booklet that came with the motor from harbor freight so I retired the direction and it works fine.

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    When your Mom starts griping about your new exhaust fan you can tell her it is for Dad's bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanksboard View Post
    You could always try changing the RPM's on the unit also with the variable motor pulley. It would help you gain a better understanding of how the pulleys work.
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