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    water tank level indicator

    i am a hvac installer / get it fixed guy. At my own house i dont have a well. I have two under ground water tanks. Is there any type of water level indicator i can install to show what level water is at.. i have been looking around but havent found any.. If you have a link or so leabe a hyperlink..



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    Use a water meter, you can monitor by the gallon. You could also use a water level.
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    I don't know if it will work for you, but you might consider using a gauge like the kind in fuel oil tanks that has a float on it.
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    Water, or liquid levels can be monitored electrically with either floats or contact probes.

    A good pump supply house should be able to set you up with controls and a monitor panel

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    I too used to have a cistern. I had an access panel that I could remove and check the level w/ a rope and a weight. That being said, I have installed ultrasonic level sensors on cooling tower sumps. The brand that we use is Flowline. We have mainly used their DL-10's. It's pretty cool, you set it up with a USB key and their software. I'm sure they would have something that could help you, but it maybe fairly expensive.
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