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    Another Trane Problem

    So first off, this is my first post, being lurking for awhile though. I cannot get my hands on Rover software anywhere, I actually had one trane salesman laugh at me. What other software can I use to program a Trane Controller, and can I download current configurations and save the set up files with "other" software. Or if there is a rouge trane fella thats willing to sell the full version!!


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    I do not have a copy of the software but from what I understand and I could be wrong, they are selective with the distribution of this product. There are many reasons why a company may be selective, just as controls manufactures and controls contractors that have sales areas do not freely pass out their software (to mechanical contractors or other controls contractors). We are all in business and are compensated for our work. Each business has their return on investment and business model that they are following that is in the owner’s best interest. They appear to have chosen to implement rules that they feel need to be followed in order to have the software be available to any specific purchaser.

    I would suggest you go to the local distribution office and officially ask to purchase the software. If they say no, ask what requirements you may need to fulfill in order to purchase the software. If they choose not to sell you the software, I would suggest your ask the end user that owns the system ask to purchase a copy of the software, they may have a little more sway since they own this manufactures product and system. I am sure they want this end user to be satisfied with the product they purchased, they typically have better results purchasing items needed to maintain the existing system.

    I hope this was of some assistance. Please let me know if you would like any clarification or additional information.

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    You have to purchase the Rover package. Not sure what requirements you have to have to purchase it, as previous post says you will need to contact the local distributor. That being said, the version we contractors get is not the full featured one that the Trane factory authorized guys get. It has a lot of features disabled but I have been able to reload config files for different types of equipment. I'm pretty sure that each copy is individually licensed per PC and can not be transferred with out Trane's permission.
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    Not entirely true I even found one of our Test and Balance guys had a full rover setup which I thought was weird but I'm not the salesman so what can I say.

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    Rover is a licensed product and the different modules of Rover can be purchased and are tied to the product serial number.

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