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    Freezer upright will not reach temp,high superheat

    Have a 3 door upright victory giving me fits, r-404, inside temp 85,box 65 deg, pressures 16 and 340, superheat 100, cap tube system, system goes to 16 with warm box, high side was blowing off on internal relief, recovered a little gas
    No model on unit anywhere, do not know how much refrigerant suppose to be in it
    Have 12 oz in system,condenser clean,amp draw full load, new compressor,
    Thinking I have moisture or cap tube pug

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    Sounds like plugged dryer or cap tube.

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    Check for the nameplate inside the freezer, top left of the box near the front. Likely a plugged cap tube, probably killed the original compressor, and whoever replaced it overcharged to compensate. These are an easy conversion to txv.

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    340 head is to high. Clean coil well, check sub cooling. If you are restricted subcool will be high

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