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    Attach Manitowoc (IY-0324A) on top of Cornelius (DF-150-BC) Fountain Machine

    Hello everyone,

    After hours & hours of searching online, I couldn't find a affordable way to attach Manitowoc Ice Machine on top of Cornelius Fountain Machine.

    Few months ago, before I purchased the ice machine, I had done a similar search and found someone had used the fountain machine ice bin cover on top as an adapter to install Ice Machine on Top.

    Now, I can't find that post or anything similar. I hope someone here knows how to do it or has ideas or suggestions on how to do it.

    Information on Equipment:

    Manitowoc Ice Machine model# IY-0324A.
    Dimensions: 21.5"h x 22"w x 24.5"d

    Cornelius Fountain Machine model# DF-150-BC
    Dimensions: 36"h x 22"w x 31"d

    I received delivery of the Ice Machine few days ago. Since then I have been searching on how to install it.

    I would be very thankful, if someone can provide any ideas or suggestions.

    Thank you for reading my post.
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    Cornelius makes bin adapters to put the ice machine on the bin. They come with a small lid that goes on the front in case you need to manually fill it.

    Have your refrigeration company contact their Cornelius dealer or call Cornelius direct to get a part number for the correct adapter.

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    Also, you probably want to look into having them install a Manitowoc "Bin Thermostat kit" designed for your model ice machine. Otherwise it will fill with ice all the way to the top, which may cause water leakage issues as the ice will slowly melt and a small amount of water may leak out and run down the side of the bin.

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    Best bet would to be call Cornelius like Mike19 said, there number is 1-800-238-3600.

    We have a couple stores that have Manitowoc's on top of the Cornelius fountain machines, but they are the BC300 ones, but they should be able to give you the part number or even sell it to you maybe.

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    As far as I remember, Cornelius don't sell, you gotta call 3 Wire, they're authorized Cornelius dealer. And be prepared to pay... Cornelius is EXPENSIVE.

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