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    Trane package unit with trane t-stat

    Hey guys out of curiosity i was working on a Trane package unit m/n: YCH090c3H0BE S/N: Z37101794d and a senior tech told me because it was a Trane t-stat i should be measuring resistance at the low voltage circuit and not 24v? is this true or is he wrong, i got the unit up and running im just wondering about what he told me.

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    To tell you for sure I'd have to see the wiring in the cabinet but I do know they have some with communicating thermostats. If the thermostat is wired by numbers instead of by colors It's communicating in this case but not always the case.

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    As camiudom said if its wired to any terminals 1 thru 14 then it would be resistance with power for the t-stat. If its wired to conventional points like R,G,Y,etc then it would be 24v.

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