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    Heil's smart valve??

    In trying to decide what HVAC brand to go with, one contractor who used to
    be a Heil dealer tells me to stay away from Heil because they use a smart
    valve in their furances. He claims he as replaced at least 15 of these and
    thus, he dropped Heil and now sales Coleman.
    Any truth to this? Hasnt this smart valve issue with Heil be resolved a few
    years ago??

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    Yes, the smart valve is history. Though still using Honeywell, Heil went to direct ignition. No more intermittent pilot. The Heils now are a good unit, I have put many of them in. It is just like any other brand, as long as it is installed correctly.

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    Yeah, the Heil Furnace quoted to me is the DXL80. Have you installed that
    ones. Nice unit?

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