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    HVAC/R student needs career advice

    Hi guys! How you doing?
    My name is George. I am a HVAC/R student at the College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas. I am half-way done with my degree. I have no field experience. I am wondering how should I start in the field - every employer is looking for 3-5 years of experience. How you guys started ? Share your thoughts and advices.
    Thank you in advance

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    Apply in person and show your willingness to learn. Willingness and aptitude go a long way towards getting your foot in the door.
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    Get to the supply house and ask "who's the best and who pays there bills on time ?"
    Then take even a runner job, get your foot in the door.
    luck dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielworkerbee View Post
    Get to the supply house and ask "who's the best and who pays there bills on time ?"
    I did that, I did not ask who paid their bills on time. I would bring the guys lunch and hang out and get to meet lots of people, and the higher up.

    That is how I found both my jobs. I found my first job by going to the Johnstone's open house and talked to anyone and everyone who would talk to me. Funny thing was, this one guy liked how I had the guts to ask him for a job, so he hired me. He said I did a great job selling myself, so he knew I could sell things in the field.

    My Current employer came in to Johnstone when I was loafing around. I made my pasta sauce and cooked some pasta and brought it in for the guys. My boss came in and I stated to talk to him, he gave me a business card and told me to call him at 9am on Monday, I did, he told me to call him at 2 pm, I did, then asked me to call him at 5pm, I did that and was told to show up to the office at 7 am the next day. I guess that was a test to see if I could follow his directions.

    Don't be shy, and don't over sell yourself.

    Remember this, doing things in a nice and clean area, with all the light and room you could wish for, is not the same as field work. You will find out quickly, school is way different than real world work.
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