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    First American Home Warranty Contractor issues, questions on extra charges

    Glad I found this forum to ask some questions so here it goes. I have the above home warranty specifically because my house was built in 2000 so I knew being in Houston my ac units are probably on their last legs. Sure enough last Sept my downstairs 4 ton unit went out, contractor comes out and replaces the evap coil and everything is good. I was not home when they did the install and because my house was cooling much better than before I never inspected the job.
    FirstAM is suppose to pay for the coil and labor but they have a provision in there that says any modification work needed is not covered. I paid $ out of pocket last year for modifications and for replacing my secondary drain pan. Now I thought I saved myself some money but I am curious as to what a 4 ton box coil made by goodman actually costs?

    Fast forward to 7/5 of this year and my upstairs unit does the same thing. Bad Evap coil. Same company comes out, which I have no control over btw. on 7/8 first tech comes out, checks freon and says its low..but before he could add any a thunderstorm rolls in and he says he will come back Wed. Wed comes and goes, no word so I called them on Thursday to only find out that the tech said he put 2lbs of freon in it and closed my ticket. Wow! So I had them reopen the ticket and told them he did not put any freon in the system at all...Looks like to me they billed the warranty company $ for this service they didnt do. Anyway a new tech comes out saturday and actually does more testing and finds that the evap coil has a leak and needs to be replaced. He files his report as also saying the condenser looks like its in bad shape as well and should also be replaced...which warranty company would cover. Another tech comes on Tuesday to follow up and says warranty company will not replaced condenser and tries to upsell me on buying a condesner from them...on top of wanting another $ bucks for "modifications" to install new coil. Breakout was as follows, $ for mods, $ for sec drain pan, $ for drain T and clean, and $ for line insulation. No last year they didnt charge me for the Ts and clean nor the insulation so I went up to inspect unit myself and take some pics.

    I was shocked with what I saw. I had atleast 4 air leaks in the unit they installed last year, there was no paste used to seal the coil box to the furnance or supply plenum..just a piss poor tape job! On top that, one of the grommets from the low pressure line was pushed inside the box and leaking a lot of air...and the best for last, one of my ducts coming from the supply plenum was just sitting on the start collar! They did not modify the straps to get the duct more slack so the tape had pulled off and was just sitting there...I could pull it off and on with no effort.

    I also already have T drains on my primary lines so he either thinks I am a moron or is wanting to put them on the secondary drain lines which I dont think I need.

    So I call warranty company last night to tell them of all the BS that I have been through with this company and they offer me a cashout option. I was shocked as they told me that they only paid out $ in labor for replacing the coil and that the coil and new dryer was only lke $ for a 2 ton unit? I also would get any code violation replacment costs and taxes back Im looking at maybe $ ! No wonder the contractor is trying to charge me with all kinds of extras but I think that is the scam...they get work and then make their money on these "mods". I just want my coil installed.
    I guess my question is what should a 2 ton goodman coil and install approx run if I were to outsourse this myself? And what kind of contractor does an install job like that? I am not sure if they needed a city permit (Baytown) but if they did should I call the city inspector? I dont really want to cause problems I just want the coverage I paid for and the job to be done professionally without getting ripped off on car salesman charges.
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