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Thread: Sabroe issue

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    Sabroe issue

    Chief Engineer on a fishing vessel on the Bering Sea. We have a Sabroe 125 and a 110 running R-22. A new issue has crept up recently and i am stumped. Normally an issue like this relates to some sort of change but that's not the case this time.

    I run the 125 as master(1) and the 110 as slave(2) on full auto based on demand. The 110 is alarming on a (decreased load) shutdown, normally between 10-20%.

    The alarm is "high suction superheat".

    Any idea's would be appreciated as i have few resources out here and my go to guy is also stumped.

    I hope this is in the right section, if not let me know....thick skin here.

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    A good place to start is exact pressures and sc and sh readings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toocoolforschool View Post
    A good place to start is exact pressures and sc and sh readings.
    Will do, might take a day or two, i am spread pretty thin and have yet to have it happen when i am present. The alarm/warning will clear instantly and the compressor will resume running normal.

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