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    Some pictures of Detroit in ruins

    This was on the site...

    Shame, looks like this was a fine city in its day.

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    Every city that has gone bankrupted or is close to going bankrupt is run by a democrat liberal. It is unbelievable that Obama got re-elected with his pathetic record of stimulating the economy and the (coming) disaster of Obama care.

    But then we learn of the IRS and NSA scandals and it becomes clear. It is going to be very hard to turn this ship around.

    We have more people all the time that expect something for nothing (they are entitled) and less working people that give (through taxes) to support all the programs.

    It breaks my heart to see this happening to this great country...............and then to re-elect Obama! Pelosi, Reid, and Holder, are you kidding me? Is there any hope?

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    Thanks for link. I really enjoy looking at or looking through industrial structures in that state of abandonment. Amazing pictures

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    I enjoyed the pics too.... Would like to get up there and do some exploration of those buildings.

    Armed of course to kill any 2 legged vermin I run across...... or 1 legged vermin.....cause Im sure there are homeless folks, bums, drug addicts....etc... that have missing limbs.

    Looks to me like someone would go thru and strip some of the woodworking, metalwork etc.... out of those buildings for use in restoring or decorating.

    There is a market for those old timey antique architectural elements.
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    The largest building is the photos is the old train station. You cant go in there anymore because there is a train tunnel that goes under the detroit river and connects with windsor. It is being watched by DHS.

    Some of the others are abandoned theaters and churches, which I have been in.

    What affects me is the beautiful architecture and design that went into these, only to be left to the elements or defaced and vandalized by idiots.
    Heck, alot of these places have wood paneling, finials/fixtures that we cant even get today.
    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

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