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    Do many companies pay relocation?

    I'm currently in school for HVAC/R at Perry Tech in Yakima, Wa and I have about a year to go. I don't want to stay here unless the pay is right (pretty tough out of school) but I know I want be able to afford moving cross country. Any thoughts from you experienced guys?

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    Are there companies that even do that for experienced techs? For someone out of trade school, I'd imagine the chances of that are pretty low.

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    Some bigger contractors will "assist" with relocation expenses, but this is dependent on their need and your qualifications to fill that need. Unfortunately for a technician fresh out of school this generally won't be option. I know this is not what you want to hear, but that's how the game is played. Good luck to you.-GEO
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    People get relocation assistance when they have a skillet that has not been found around the companies area. HVAC techs are everywhere, and usually hold very similar skill sets so I wouldn't expect it as a tech unless you practice in some kind of specialty area.

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