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    Honeywell smart valves, and other fireplace fun

    So coming across more majestics with these gas valves that have ran their course. Talked to tech and 80,000 plus number of operations kaboom, goes the transformer, and you have to replace that to check valve. Not only is the new upgrade/kit expensive but you cannot even get a burner, so your basically bad news bear to the customer. Times were hard last couple years and you can tell by the amount of customers who tried to install gas inserts themselves a couple with LPG conversions. It shows with beautifully with pillowy soot encompassing the interior to enhance the ambiance. Why is it that when a plumber, home inspector, chimney sweep are all at a real estate inspection it becomes a pissing contest? The stars really aligned for that to happen but instead of positive meeting of the minds, poor practice of methods and other non job related stuff came up. What happened to getting things done and saving the customer money, it seems everyone is just trying to pass the buck.

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    I simply explain the facts as I have found them. In cases of limited or no availability, I make a reasonable effort to locate the part at whatever cost but I don't kill myself looking for something obsolete. It is what it is and I didn't build it, market it, use it, fail to maintain it, etc. I'm there to above all else, inspect it to identify what they have and only then move on to trying to get it working properly using OEM parts. I do NOT rebuild old units into something not approved by the mfr. Even the practice of changing ignition systems/ valve train/ burner assys. is highly dubious. I know a few mfr. that tested a certain model Fp with alternative systems from the git go and I can make this conversion while maintaining the warranty and listing. If a unit needs a repair that would violate either, it's toast. The bad news that an entire unit needs to be replaced is far better than fire trucks in the driveway, trust me. As for the cost, sorry but it is what it is. When its a unit older than about 10-15 yrs. I tell them to think of it as a "make-over". Any factory built fireplace that is older than 25yrs. has outlived its intended service life.

    As for the conflicting "experts" at real estate sales, be careful to stick to what you know. Too often guys get into trouble trying to impress everyone with their 'opinions'. Keep opinions to yourself and stick to facts and you'll be ok. Just constantly ask yourself how you can justify what you are saying. As for home inspectors, they are 'generalist' meaning they know a bit about almost everything but are not experts in each discipline. They try to keep up on current technology but there are always more things being made than anyone can keep up with, so they usually refer to professionals within a discipline. Unless he has training and experience directly within the hearth industry a plumber or HVAC tech is NOT a qualified hearth professional.

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