Went to a single story house that has been sitting vacant for a year. Unit stopped working last year and then lady moved out. Now it's going up for sale. You'll want to pass on this special. And I do mean special

Anyway, find cap blown outside. LV wires chewed up by weed water. Lady swears no one has weed eated. Suuuure.

Replace cap, repair wires, check charge. Added 1 lb r22. Go inside to check filter and TD.

Go to floor register. 80 degrees. Wtf?
Air isn't pushing very hard. Charge seems good. Check filter.

Wait. This furnace is an upflow. In the closet moving air up thru the attic. Supply registers are in the floor. Look up to see more supply registers in the ceiling. 63 degree supply. So all of the floor registers are returns.

How did a crackhead get a hold of a Trane system and install an upflow in place of a Downflow?

Oh, and what are those eyes staring back at me? Those are box vents in the roof. Furnace closet all open to the attic.

I asked the lady who she pissed off for them to install this crap. She says its been like that since 2004 and has worked fine.
Really? Total of 6 supply's in a 1500 sq. ft. house. Some rooms didn't even have supply registers.