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    New Direction

    O.K. guys since I only had one response for job leads in and around Asheville North Carolina I guess I'll take a new route. I have sent my application in to take the H3 exam. I have held a Florida cotractors class A unlimited license since 1987. So how about some advice on this exam, perhaps some online course or self study Thanks Darrell
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    NC exam

    I took and passed the refrigeration exam many years ago and know the H1, H2 and H3 exams are just as tough. There are people who teach exam preparation. I currently live in Georgia and know of a company who can set you up with the necessary study information. Let me know if interested.

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    Thanks LGM that would be grat I really don't have time to sit through a course. I've been teaching A/C for the last 10 years so I know how to study I just need to know what to study and the types of questions asked any help would be appreciated. Darrell

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    You can contact Donna Smith @ 910-799-0391. There is a three day class starting in May. Donna can give you all the details.

    If you have other information about Georgia, North Carolina or Florida you can contact Hugh Cole @ 770-513-1487.

    Good Luck.

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