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    Running Water sound- "wooshing sound " from the freeon line in Attic

    I recently purchased two Rheem 13AJN value series condensor units (3.5 Ton & 3 Ton) and evaporator coils for my house (upstairs and downstairs). The 3.5 ton upstairs unit is operating quielty but when I run the 3 Ton unit for downstairs, I hear what sounds like a water faucet flowing water for 30-40 seconds from the attic, then it goes away and comes back a few seconds later and goes away and back again and the cycle just continues as long as the downstairs A/C is on. It's getting kinda annoying at night when we try to sleep.

    I have gone through the attic and it looks like it's the freeon in the line circulating, but my other unit is not making this sound and is very quiet. I have put in a service call but they can't make it till next week. The contractor didn't change the lineset or anything, they just installed the outdoor condensor & indoor coils only.

    I appreciate any info or feedback anyone may have as to what is causing this or how it can be fixed.

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    Possible air or other non-condensables in liquid line going to the metering device; or possible undercharge causing liquid surging.

    Could be other refrigerant system anomalies.

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    And also make sure that the lines aren't making hard contact to the structure.

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