Amana asx14 compressor unit installed on patio under deck, with about 4 ft of clearance overhead. The unit usually randomly shuts off once a day by itself. The house fan continues to blow warm air 24/7 even when set on auto. I have to flip the red emergency furnace switch off then on and then the condenser unit will start up again and cold air will begin to blow.

The technician said we might not have enough clearance and that it is probably tripping a thermal overload switch that is on these Amana units. the old compressor worked for 12 years and never had an issue. What is strange is the unit will run all day in 90degree weather but shut off during the evening when it is cooler.

I have very limited options on moving the unit due to a propane tank nearby and a line set that would have to run around a doorway and over siding 50ft or more.

Is there a way to verify it is the thermal overload switch that is being triggered? I'm wondering if it may be a defective unit or something else?

also, if it is a thermal overload, is it possible that a duct can be fitted over the unit so that the exhaust air could be vented out horizontally to escape the deck above?

Thank you.