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    Moving to another state and need help with licensing.

    Hi all.

    I am currently working in Oklahoma as a Maintenance Technician/stationary engineer. I have a Universal EPA License and an Unlimited Mechanical Journeyman License (Oklahoma). I have 2 years of school with a degree in Air conditioning and refrigeration from Oklahoma state institute of technology and 2 years of experience. I want to move to Arkansas. Do I have to be a resident of Arkansas to take the HVAC license test and Boiler Operator test there? or do I just have to move first, become a resident, and then take the test? I would like to be licensed before I move in order to get a job. I know that Arkansas doesnt require a journeymans license for technicians but a lot of the jobs that I would apply for ask for either a HVAC license or Boiler operator license or both for the state of Arkansas.
    I want to get a job and then move. Is that possible?
    Help please.

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    You can get licensed in Arkansas without living there. I'm in Memphis and a few years ago I took the test and got licensed in Arkansas. They do require a Arkansas address if your a business. I just used my brothers home address. Also in Arkansas, they require you get a card issued by the health department, before you work on a job site. Not sure why they do that except to generate income.
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