Here is the situation. A single story house 3400 sqft, built in 1992, original HVAC equipment, two 4 tons units with two zones. One of the units has died. The tech came out today and tried to install a 'pace maker' for the compressor and it did not work. So, I have to replace one unit. Lots of questions.
1. I am thinking replace just the broken unit (condenser, coil, heater, heating is gas)- When I need to replace the second unit (perhaps in a year or two) will I be able to match the units ?
2. I plan to get three bids- How to compare apples with apples (brand, seer rating, coil efficiencies and any other parameters I need to watch out for)
3. Is the warranty on the equipment include parts and labor?
4. Would there be a separate warranty from the installing contractor.
5. Should I ask for Angie's List discount or senior citizen's discount?
6 The existing units may seem large, however, we are in Houston and summers are hot and humid.
7. Anything else that may help in deciding whether to replace the broken system only or replace both the units.