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Thread: Solar Cool ????

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    Confused Solar Cool ????

    Had a field tech from this new (2 yr. old) company called Solar Cool come in and try to explain how this new product will save up to 30% on your AC bill. They do it by cutting the hot gas discharge at the compressor, piping the gas to a solar panel on roof to increase the tempature of the hot gas,then return it to the condensor to be condensed. To be used on 2 stage compresors only. Says keeps the compressor in 1 stage but will have 2nd stage capacity. How can this work? Makes no sense to me. Has anyone heard of this??
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    I've never heard of this.
    I've had several experiences with a manufacturer called Solarease, that was based in Fla., in the 80's, as an installer of their watersource heat pumps/solar equipment, they had a freon charged solar panel for heatpumps. After about 8 months with the Dealership, I quit the company because of their "cutting corners", & the many failures of equipment.
    I'd do a lot of research into it before I made any commitment.

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    Google it. I have seen a video on it and it makes since but the pay off doesn't seem to work out and the vidoe I saw seemed as if it were made by eco nazis
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    looks good
    Thanks for you information!

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