I am testing to see how hard it will be to sell this equipment if I'm forced to swap it out for 15 SEER condensing units. Basically this is a new housing complex, I ordered and installed 14.5 SEER systems instead of 15 SEER. All the units have been soldered in but 20 haven't even had the valves opened nor electrical hooked. All were installed with cooling gel around service valves and nitrogen flowing during brazing. All units are only a few weeks old. If someone has an idea about how to get these systems up to a 15 SEER rating PLEASE let me know, If i can't, they gotta go. I have approx. 16- 1.5 ton HPs and 40 2 ton HPs. all units will be boxed and include new factory filter dryers. PM me if interested i will try to get pricing together.