Hi guys I have a Prestige thermostat with IAQ board and a RF out door temp sensor. I have just had a 3 ton A/C unit installed and all is working well. But I was told by the techs who installed the system to make sure I do not run the A/C compressor below 55'F or 13'C. Well I noticed last night the the system was kicking on the odd time with out over night outdoor temp being at 9'C. So I would like to set my Prestige to lock out the A/C compressor from starting if the temp is below 13'C to prevent damage. Problem is the techs have no idea how to program this controller and I had to assist them in just adding the cooling stage so the new system would work. Honeywell is telling me to contact the hvac company that did the work. So I am stuck in this loop of no help.

I understand that you may not be able to tell me exactly how to do this my self, but if you know this can be done any maybe know what menu or setting to change and I can pass it along to the contractor when they come back out.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.