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    How to seek contractor to replace air conditioning indoor blower motor?

    I have a Trane XE 1200 central air conditioner with gas furnace. I am in San Jose, CA area.
    The indoor blower motor is getting quite noisy lately. Originally, this blower motor was supposed to have two speed, and run normally in slow speed. But the installer made it only run on high speed most of time, except when the air conditioning is turning off, and slow speed kick in for the last 20 seconds. Now the blower is rattling noisily. What should I do to find out more so that I can seek contractor to replace with another quieter motor? Thank you.

    Furnace controler: White-Rogers Emerson Co. Model 50A51-495

    All Style Coil Company Inc., Houston TX Model: TRWF60TR-8A

    TREANE – High Efficiency Air Conditioner XE 1200, Model # TTP048D100A0
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    Thank you.

    Am unable to get to the motor.

    Most likely need to find contract to do this work. I am in Milpitas, near San Jose, CA.

    I want to find out any alternative and better quality motor / blower out there so that I can replace better and quieter blower.

    What size motor do you think I have? Any suggestion for better motor / blower?

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    The current motor doesn't seem failing. It just make louder annoying rattle noise. I think if I get this blower service, I may as well replace with quieter blower.
    The house is around 2100 sq ft tri-level in south San Francisco bay in Silicon valley. The top floor is over 15F high than the bottom floor in the summer. That's why we limited the duct output on the bottom floor to get top floor cool.

    Is there anyway to get replacement two speed motor which allow the motor speed manually set by external switch?

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