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    Asbestos insulation around air ducts?

    This house was built in 1966 and these are the original ducts. I'm aware that the only way to really know if asbestos exists is to have a sample tested but I am under the impression that asbestos insulation usually looks like a whitish-papery wrap. Is it likely that the insulation in these pictures could contain asbestos? Any input is appreciated!
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    hard to tell from pics but it looks like fsk duct wrap.
    (fsk..foil with nylon scrim & kraft paper)

    in pic 2 you can see the brown backing not uncommon for
    kraft paper.

    what are you doing with ductwork?
    unwrapping, mastic sealing & re-wrapping??

    best of luck.
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    Thanks so much for your opinion. I'm thinking about having these ducts replaced and was wondering if I'd need to hire an abatement company. I'd like to avoid that but I think it's inevitable. Thanks again for your comments!

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    That my friend is a foil faced asbestos wrapped over metal duct. Someone has gone in & duct taped some of the seams & it's hanging down due to delamination.
    All the metal duct underneath is interference fit w/ no screws & no tape. Duct is usually hung w/ wire. I see this stuff nearly every day here. If you removed a small piece of the wrap- it will have a reinforced foil covering on outside & an off-white corrugated asbestos under that (next to the metal). It has very little if any R value in terms of insulation properties. Duct leakage w/ this system usually approaches 50%.
    The asbestos must be removed. These ducts will be filthy inside due to leakage so it's not wise or cost effective to try & seal & re-wrap what you have. Replace the ducts.

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    That is exactly the information I needed. You are a huge help! I will go through with abatement and replacement. Thank you!

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