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    24 volt transformer

    why sometimes on 24 volt transformer com goes to ground and sometimes does not

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    Quote Originally Posted by dav214 View Post
    why sometimes on 24 volt transformer com goes to ground and sometimes does not
    Read up about full wave and half wave rectification, that should help you understand why sometimes the transformer secondary is not grounded. Sometimes it is the installer being lazy

    Also note that if the primary voltage is above a certain voltage the National Electrical code at least in the USA requires that the secondary is grounded. izing%20(9-5-2K)


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    Not familiar with controls but, if the circuit uses 24V for flame rectification a reference to ground is necessary.

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    Sometimes com is ground and other times it isn't. klrogers answered the question - answer lies on the rectification process - full-wave rectification and half-wave rectification. Rectification is done on all the appliances that converts DC-to-AC and AC-to-DC.

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