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    loud boom sound from fireplace

    seems like every time i turn on my gas fireplace I get a loud boom sound about 5 mins after its on. Anyone know what this might be? Almost like a little explosion sound.....HELP PLEASE!

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    If it sounds like metal expanding, that is usually not a problem other than a nuisance. An explosion within the combustion chamber is very serious and requires a pro to inspect, test, and service it. Often, banging metal is caused by the box not sitting flat but racked a little. This can happen once the framing dries out and shrinks.

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    You need to get it checked!!! Yes it could be and likely is what is called oil canning (metal expansion). Typically this is not loud unless there is undue stress on metal re: a screw causing tension. Again get it check it could be a defective heat exchanger.

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