Here's my problem with this case.
If i shot Martin, i have no doubt that i would be sitting in a jail cell no matter what the facts are, because the people who run our society don't approve of guns.

Conservatives don't realize they were herded into a corral by the media.
The media started talking about Florida's stand-your-ground laws, but this case had nothing to do with that.
Florida was just re-affirming the rights that every American has under the Constitution.
If someone attacks you, you have a right to defend yourself.
A corrupt system can ignore that right, but it stands regardless.
The media brought up the topic of Stand-Your-Ground, because the left wants to ignore that state and federal right.
In the process, the media emotionalized the case and immediately threw the conservatives into the Zimmerman corral.

I don't follow trends that easily.

My suspicion was raised when i heard that tape of that scream, then a few second later the gun shot went off.
I instantly recognized that scream as coming from a black person.
I think every big-wig in the country, including members of the media, know that was Martin.
They are under orders to stay silent, but i'm not.

If that is Martin screaming on the tape, then there is no way he was the aggressor.

I've followed several high profile cases and the thing that i found odd was how flimsy Zimmerman's story was.
Witnesses that saw the beginning but didn't see the end...witnesses that weren't sure what they saw, a complex with windows over-looking, but little identification even though people were yelling.
Obviously Zimmerman was told to stop giving information, but the problem is, his story was weird.

It's possible Zimmerman told the truth about Martin appearing out of the shadows , not noticing he was approached, and Martin sucker punching him to the ground, then Martin seeing he had a gun in the dark and trying to grab it.
...but in my opinion, this has more in common with a made up story.

I think the paranoid left-wing might have been closer to the truth on this case.

Zimmerman got sick of all the crime in the neighborhood, ...he might have had a run-in with Martin in the past, and when he found a thief he decided to execute him.
Maybe Martin took a swing at Zimmerman, but shooting him was probably excessive, even if Martin wanted to be a bad-ass.

As far as Martin bashing Zimmerman's head into the concrete...once again, that has the symptoms of a made-up story.

I also thought it was odd that Gloria Alred wasn't shrill about this case.
In her interview she was calm and quiet.
That is not like her other interviews.
That told me that she already knew the outcome of the case.

I knew this trial was a sham and i thought Zimmerman would be found guilty of lesser charges.
I miscalculated because i didn't think Zimmerman's connection to a judge would help him much, i was wrong.

The REAL evidence in the case came in today.
Before i left for dinner i saw the news and the media was showing Zimmerman shaking everyone's hand long before the verdict came in.
Yes, that could mean nothing, but i thought it was odd.
( I always tell you people, don't just listen to the news caster, always watch what the camera man shows you)
They said on the news that the verdict might take a few days.
By the time i got home from dinner, Zimmerman was found "not guilty" . I sure though that was odd as well.

It wasn't until i sat down at my computer that i realized today is the 13th.
I don't care what you call these people, Freemasons, Illuminati, Marxists, Monkey-Overlords, doesn't matter.
What does matter is, they follow occult numbers. (5 -12- 13 -32- 33)

By the jury making their decision on the 13th, what that tells us is, powerful people placed their fingerprint on the's a sham.
13 is a negative number, ...bad luck.
What the people in power are telling us is, it would have been positive , to the public, for Zimmerman to be found guilty, but by choosing the 13th day of the month, there will be a negativity. (Zimmerman found not guilty)
They are telling us that Zimmerman is guilty.

Zimmerman had a connection to his judge father, who had connection to the judges and lawyers, and if you follow the chain, it goes all the way up to Obama.
all these people are on the same side.

Unfortunately, the only connection Martin had was with angry, powerless, black people.

IF Zimmerman executed this kid when he didn't have to, he ain't getting away with nothing.
God will sort this all out.