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    appealing to the wise: data aire split unit issue

    Hello everyone

    l have a data aire DAAD 2035 split unit system in the data center. Last month the unit had dump some water everywhere. Saw that the nortec humidifier canister was really dirty and swapped it out. Been great for a month and a half and yesterday noticed water dripping down from the reheat coil above the blower. switched off the humidifer from the panel and no more water issues. Any one had similar situation? I have thought it could be the humidity sensor but that is the same and tied to the temp sensor which is working fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    humidifier canisters are a high maintenance item and are not to be ignored on routine maintenance inspections. Other types of units require annual canister replacements as a matter of course. Airflow issues and water related issues all need to be considered. A competent contractor should be able to identify the issue for you.

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