hey guys,

I'm currently a HVAC helper for a small company and have been thinking over a few things. right now Im having some second thoughts about what plan I have in mind. I don't mind HVAC, its pretty fun and I get my daily dose of fun, frustration, and pleasure in a days work. however, its what I'm doing now that bothers me. I really just want to go to the trade school, get my license, and become a service tech. my boss is the only tech we have and my coworker (I'm his helper) is in school for his d-2, and then will apprentice under my boss for his s-2 (or 1?). in years this means I won't be able to apprentice until I'm 22 (I'm 18 right now). so, the question becomes do I just stick it out those 4 years (or so) or just go to school and get licensed from there?