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    What Job am I Looking For?

    I am five years into the trade.
    The last five years has been a mixed up mess of ice machines, refrigeration, rooftop HVAC, hot side kitchen equipment and specialty coffee machines, with a little bit of steam mixed in there too.

    I fairly strong in those areas, but not a Master.
    I enjoy getting to travel a little for work.
    I am accustomed (maybe spoiled?) with a company vehicle, fuel card and enough bandwidth to find any answers I don't already have.

    I have worked solo almost the entire time, but enjoy working with others on a regular basis. I like having other techs around to learn from or bounce ideas off of.

    It may be getting time to move from where I am, and I am giving thought to what I want to do next.
    I know too thing for sure.

    I really, really like learning new stuff, and mastering it. I want to specialize if I can.
    Second, I really, really HATE grease, and want to avoid food related work at all costs.

    So, what job am I looking for?
    What sort of options are out there for my range of experience and skill set?
    I would appreciate some ideas.

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    Its not uncommon for companies to specialize on one or two things. Of what you do, what do you like doing the best?

    -Specialty Coffee
    -Foodservice Equipment (Which you've already decided no, I don't blame you)

    There are a lot of companies out there who only do HVAC, and a lot that do Refrigeration and HVAC. You could look for companies that do the kind of work you enjoy, but don't get into the foodservice equipment.

    Around here at least, it seems like companies specialize in Specialty Coffee machines and don't typically work on anything else, that might be different where you are.

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    Damn phosgene

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    Very different as far as I can tell. Companies in my area service everything in the location. Sometimes even if they don't know how!

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