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Thread: Low voltage

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    Low voltage

    Hey guy's quick question. I am doing a job where we were only supposed to be moving a few supply runs and the return. The condo has electric radiant heat with the elements built into the sheet rock which I have never seen before. The builders guy tore a bunch of rock down and now they are screwed cause they don't have heat and the condo is sold already closing on Aug 1st. There is an existing Trane ah from 2008 and in very good shape and a straight cool outdoor unit is fine also so he wants to just add a heat strip to the ah. I put a 8kw that I got from trane dealer and was matched for ah. I had to move thermostat cause it was right under supply register. I ran a new wire to new location and changed old t87 with a pro 3000. I am waiting for the electrician to run new wire cause only have a 12 2 now. I'm not 100%sure on the low voltage for the heating cycle. I was told I need a relay and I was also told that I only had to bring w to the w on the strip and leave the jumper in the stat any advice would be great. We don't use heat pumps or electric heat in New England so not my strong suit mostly gas or oil up here whether it is hot water or air.

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    Sorry, we're not allowed to give instructions in the "open forums". Apply for pro membership so we can help. You shouldn't need any additional relays...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtrammel View Post
    Sorry, we're not allowed to give instructions in the "open forums". Apply for pro membership so we can help. You shouldn't need any additional relays...
    thx I'm working on getting posts up and scanner fixed so I can scan license and epa cert ive had both for 10years.

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    isn't a 3000 stat a HP stat?
    if so... you better not use that or your air conditioner is gonna kick on when you call
    for first stage heat. You just need a normal stat not a heat pump stat.

    gas furnaces have controls built into the furnace that tell the blower when to come on
    in the case of an air handler with an electric heat strip..... you typically have to tell
    the blower to come on with the t-stat.... you've probably seen the "gas or elec" selector
    switches or jumpers on the backs of t-stats

    I can think of only one reason why you would have to add a relay to the situation and that
    would be if you don't have enough stat wires to work with from the stat to the air handler.
    If you have R, W, G, and Y then you're good and don't need any kind of relay or anything
    if you only have 3 conductors then you're gonna have to so some funky wiring / relay package to
    make it work. Good luck on a Trane finding any room for adding a relay of any sorts though LOL.
    A much more professional way of doing it would be to using a stat that puts part of the stat on the wall and the other part at the air handler with only two or three stat wires used between the air handler and the t-stat location (ie carrier edge or Honeywell IAQ... I haven't installed an IAQ'd have to research to see how many conductors you need from the stat to the controller... I imagine it would be two or three..... I know for sure carrier edge uses two)
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