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    Taylor Grill M32

    Left side platen wouldn't engage the stepper motor at all yesterday (home switch not found error). I could hear the stepper motor trying to engage, but it never would turn.

    So this morning I go to store with a new stepper motor for that platen, I get there and the stepper motor is now properly working when you raise and lower the platen.

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    [crickets chirping...]

    I'd be looking at a jam or resistance-to-movement in the mechanism, if indeed the stepper was getting pulsed but not rotating.

    Truthfully, I only work on the Garland grills, and only when pushed. I've never been inside a Taylor.

    We had one Garland grill at a McD's that our techs had been out on several times, each time finding the same side of the same unit was taking out the control computer. Boss sends me up to find out what's going on. Sure enough, the computer is bezerk. I pull it and replace it. Works fine. I'm putting the old/new one in the box for return and hear a little rattle inside. Hmm, mesays. Bell rings in the innards of my brain about the factory class talking about the eprom chip being knocked out of the board. Sure enough, after removing the cover, it was rattling around. Put 'er back in it's socket, returned that board to service. Worked fine. Had a talk with the manager about how *someone* is hitting right about *here* at night, and you really need to stop them.

    Anyway, hope you get some pointers from the Taylor techs around here...


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    Answer to the taylor Question.

    You need to take apart the stepper motor and gearbox and replace the drive coupling. if you're doing your own certifications and aren't doing this at that time they tend to wear out and get all funky. previous mechanic in our group was slacking off, and when I took ours apart they came out in 98,000 little shards.

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