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What if Obama had a seal team shot Martin and frame Zimmerman for the shooting, then he go to all the jurors to get Zimmerman off so to start a race riot between the folks of African decent, white Hispanics, and dark Hispanics cause no one has ever actually seen a white Hispanic. Then Marco Rubio heard of this and got all upset because he's Hispanic and from Florida and doesn't' like when people discriminate between the white Hispanics and the dark Hispanics. Then congress gets involved because they can't seem to avoid a good fight. In the mean time the rest of us that actually have a life asks the question "Who really cares, this happened almost 2 years ago, doesn't really affect any one except Martin's and Zimmerman's family, and will all be forgotten once the next big event happens that the media jumps all over to press an agenda?"

OK, I got a little out there, but I figured if you're going to make up "what if" scenarios to fit your point of view you just as well make it a whopper.
Why? Because very likely we were lied to once again about the jury being forced to acquit on all charges.

Life is a great big game of being BS'd on religion, politics, and the law. If you don't want to look further into the game, that is your choice.