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I doubt most people would willingly put themselves in that position. If I was to take a guess, I don't think Zimmerman thought it would go the way it did. Or at least if I was in the same situation, I would not think it would have. However, the fact remains that Martin is the one that pushed it to that situation.
As the tidbits of evidence trickle out... this is really the only logical conclusion; Martin came back and confronted Zim, and Martin escalated it to physical confrontation...

The ONLY reason a gun came out was someone was on top of someone else beating their head into the ground... It is totally rational and logical to defend oneself with deadly force when someone is beating you to a pulp.

Go on U-tube and look up a few video's by Mossad Ayoub... this guy is one of the leading authorities on defense with a firearm... that is... if folks want to learn.