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    Quality Dehumidifiers

    What are some of the best dehumidifiers available? I'm not talking about those junky disposable units sold at home depot and l=Lowes.

    I seem to like Santa Fe Brand dehumidifiers but does anyone else have recommendations?

    I know that Aprilaire make some good models?

    With all this humidify in the northeast their had ben a tremendous amount of duct sweating in the basement which is causing mold growth with really scares homeowners which I should.

    I do like the carrier infinity control which you can ajdjust the fan speed for dehumidification to help redue duct swearing but their needs to be additional dehumidification products installed short of instulating all of the supply ducts which will help reduce sweating but not completely stop it.

    What dehumidifiers do you gentlemen recommend and/or use? I would really like to sell a brand that consumer can't go online and purchase themselves or why even waste my time.


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    I really like my ultra air. It can pull about 4 gallons a day.

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