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    Sit Nova 820 - no gas at main burner

    Greetings, I have been lurking your forumns for a few days trying to find a solution to no avail.

    I am working with a Temco Vented fireplace using a sit nova 820 valve, the pilot light comes on and stays on as it should however gas is never released to the main burner. My question is what tells the valve to open up and release gas to the main burner? Is it when the thermo-pile reaches a certain temperature from the pilot? After roughly 10 minutes of the pilot being on and the unit being turned into the ON position for the main burner to fire I hear a distinct Click sound.

    I have not had any luck in finding a mano-meter from a local retailer so I am going to attept making one with 5/8 I.D house so that I am able to provide more information and hopefully come to a resolution.

    I should note this unit does not have a wall switch connected.

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    Cool know what you are doing

    See site rules for DIY advice.

    If you are contemplating making your own precision gas pressure manometer, don't you think that is enough of a red flag to get a pro in there?

    If you don't have a wall switch, what is closing the circuit to open the main operator? Again, if you don't know what these terms mean, then call in a pro.

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    You may have to call a pro anyways, sounds like your inlet pressure is low or pilot orifice plugged, thermopile should only take about 45 seconds to turn on mainburner. If thermocouple does not have enough heat on it than the magnet will release and you will hear that distinctive click.
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    If you cannot find a manometer or where to look for one, jerry rigging one is not going to give you any answers. Instead of seeing you write in the forum we will be reading about your black house in the news.Do yourself a favour and get a retuable pro in there to fix it. It is going to cost you a few bucks but it will be safe and it is much better then an insurance claim that will get denied.

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    Please click on the link in my signature line and review the Forum Rules. You need to call a Pro!

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