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    Confused Amana ECM Blower tries to start, but stops after four seconds! Stuck in loop,....

    THANKS in advance for reading my post!!! I've enjoyed reading HVAC-talk posts/articles for many years and finally bit the bullet and joined this morning

    I have a 3 year old Amana 18 SEER Heat Pump Comfort Net System w/variable speed air handler installed on the upper level of my home; humidity levels were high early in the week and caused the plenum/supply box to condensate. It appears some water seeped inside the air handler compartment. The first time this happened, I was alerted to the situation by a weird noise coming from the mechanical closet. I immediately cut off power and removed the access panel,...pointed a Vornado fan on the blower motor/control board to dry up moisture any moisture present and was back in business 30 minutes later! Fast Forward three days later at 4AM in the morning,...I woke up to hear the same noise coming from the ductwork & furnace closet. I sleptwalk my way to the closet and quickly removed access panel, started fan, and went back to bed!

    When I woke up a couple hours later, I went to start the A/C and this time the blower motor wouldn't start at all? Instead, it tries to start for 4 seconds and then shuts off, back and forth and tries again for another 4 seconds - it continually does this until I turn the power off.

    HVAC technician friend of mine changed out the transformer on his way home last night, but that did not fix the problem,...he does not work on the Comfort Net Systems and is not setup to perfrom Amana ASURE warranty claims and sent me to to find a pro that would! I've called a couple and found out not many in my area have experience with the ComfortNet, that installed my units 3 years ago went out of business

    Any of you pros outs there have an idea of what may be causing this? As mentioned above, I'm running Amana 18 SEER Variable Speed ECM Blower with Comfort Net Control System (which hasn't lived up to the hype I got prior to installation).

    Got a call into another company who handles ASSURE warranty calls and they are supposed to come out this afternoon,...I'd like to have a little knowledge beforehand so I can ask the right follow-up questions and be able to carry on a decent conversation with him/her? Some research online suggests mosts techs lacking knowledge will simply say to replace ECM Blower Motor? I don't wanna go that route, if possible? However, I do have ASSURE plan and won't mind if it is indeed covered under warranty. Not sure as I haven't had many dealings with their warranty plan (and hope not too )

    THANKS in advance!!! Stuck in Humid Kentuckiana with no air movement upstairs and would love some quick responses/ideas - Jay

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    Make sure the drain isn't stoped up. The water will overflow the condensate pan and get in the variable speed motor as it gets in blower compartment and enters motor.
    Goodbyee stranger it's been nice. Hope you find your paradise! Hey it aint rocket science, "It's a Trade !"

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