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    Y or G controlling fan speed in cool mode?

    This one has been bugging me. When you call for cooling at stat, Y is energized and so is G. So does the IFC board determine fan speed based on 24v from G and one other input such as W or Y? I think I may have answered my own questions but I want to be sure so I quit thinking about it! Thank You-

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    and this has WHAT to do with a fireplace?

    may want to hit that triangle in lower left corner and have a moderator relocate.

    but, your on the right track.
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    who said anything about a fireplace?

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    G activates heat speed, Y activates cooling speed. If the board gets an input on G and Y it activates cooling speed. W activates heat speed after warm up delay. A few boards have a separate motor speed for fan (mostly Rheem/Ruud).

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