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    Not new technician

    Good evening,
    I personally have not yet qualified for pro status but have aspired to find a niche set of questions to lock myself in for months.
    I'm finding it difficult because the vast majority of questions I have can be answered by accessing the open forum. I have the opposite issue of any homeowner, lawyer, or budding engineer- you pros offer to much info in the general forum!

    I have been operating in the northeast- got bored with oil and kerosene. Aquired my oil up to 15gph, lp and nat to a million btus, solid fuel- wood pellet and cord wood. I hold my solar thermal and PV licenses, but am no plumber or electrician.

    I have focused my personal education on renewable fuel in the most recent past- I burn veggie oil here for heat and hot water using a number of non-ul listed additions through a riello burner. Beckett does alright, The most difficult burners I have played with are the Carlin and the Wayne.

    I digress- not to toot my own horn but I am the most experienced technician in the past few companies I have worked for in regards to refrigerant.

    In this environment I have found the "H"in HVACR a need, where the "ACR" not worth a crap and downplayed dramatically.
    We add refer to leaks, ignore txv adjustment, and forget about a vacuum gauge or pump in most cases.
    I have most recently purchased some digital gauges and apparently set the bar a little higher, but still don't know much- I learn it all on the fly from you guys.

    ~11 years as an "H" technician holding the "HVACR" title.

    I'm competing against the plumbers and electricians~I try to respect their trades but they can't leave mine alone.

    I don't wade in poop, and I don't stretch wires- where is the room for a true "technician" anymore?

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    welcome aboard
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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