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Thread: Hrv yes or no

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    Hrv yes or no

    I am thinking about adding hrvs to the home I am working on. The house has 3 levels basement, main, 2nd floor. The whole home has hydronic heat zoned. forced air heat pumps on the main and 2nd floor my basement has mr slim ductless splits in the basements. The home has 2 inches of foam on all external walls and the lids of the Sheetrock are foamed. The home will see long winters with lows down to -30 to as low as -50. Would add an hrv?

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    Yes. You need fresh air in a tight house.

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    Any recommendations on an hrv or are they all the same also do I need a separate stat or controller or is there 1 stat that will control both the fan coil and hrv

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