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    Question Fireplace odor

    I have removed my wood burning insert from my fireplace and I now have a really bad smell in my fireplace. Any suggestion on how to get rid of this smell?

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    creosote smell? Maybe the chimney needs to be cleaned?

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    I had that in an old house I remodeled. In that case it was a very dirty chimney ...maybe yours too, I don't know?

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    Smile insepction and glaze removal

    You said you removed the insert stove but you didn't mention a stainless steel liner, which is required. If the stove was properly installed, the odors would have gone out with the liner. If this was a "slammer" insert without a liner, I'll bet it is full of 3rd degree glazed creosote, which is a severe fire hazard as well as carcinogenic. Call a sweep and tell him it probably needs a "glaze removal". Around Philly, this costs about $800-1,200 in addition to the base price of the sweeping & inspection. Tell the sweep you pulled the stove and you need a "Level II inspection.". That will determine if the fireplace is suitable to burn wood or just shut it down.

    you can find a trained, Certified Fireplace Inspector at:

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