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I want to sincerely apologize to Brian personally and to the ARP as a whole for my post when I unloaded on Brian. While I strongly disagree with his posts, I let my passions and personal convictions and experience overwhelm me and a lot of feelings apparently just burst out. It was like an out of body experience. Right after I posted it, I wrote to Dad a confession and upon reflection, I felt I needed to address not only Brian but the group as a whole. The very nature of the ARP is a volatile, argumentative forum and we all need to force ourselves not to let happen to them what happened to me today. I am usually able to curb my emotions but something got loose on this one but that is no excuse. As Dad told me, he, too sometimes has to just step away and cool off. Wise words to live by. Anyway, sorry for the buzz kill.

Going forward, I have a lot of personal matters to attend to so I won't be around the ARP much for a bit. I just got home from the emergency room with my daughter plus I have a ton of work piling up that's more important than playing on the ARP so I'm going to drift away for awhile. So, ya'll be good and Brian, I do pray you forgive me for my unkind words and forgive my impertinence.

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Don't be too concerned or lose any sleep over it, I take lot of posts with a grain of salt. We all come from different backgrounds and view things very differently. I know that if we worked with each other at different capacities we would all get along just fine, regardless of how we seem to be very different here. Besides, I am guilty of being more critical of those posters that have poked me in the past, as what has probably happened here. So, I offer my sincere apology to you for throwing a few stones myself.

If I had been an EMT I would probably stand firmly in their corner too. They do perform a wonderful service to our community and I felt bad taking that poke at Firemen/Paramedics. When those often cush, action filled, well compensated (in LA) jobs are available it's not the Fireman that should be faulted for filling those positions. Heck, I would like my son to get a job like that irrespective of whether my state can afford to pay them as they do.

I enjoy ARP and how we can bang our thoughts off people of different perspectives. The illusion is that we can change people, as was proven with the Zimmerman thread. We should be happy with our ability to converse in this way while observing what makes people tick.

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