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    Quote Originally Posted by bhollon5007 View Post
    I have updated my credentials. I did not intend to disrespect this forum. I agree that safety should be considered when passing along trade information. I stumbled onto this by accident; but thought what an awsome way to talk about and learn about the trade I have enjoyed for several years.

    Get up your pro status and we will get you through a space launch.

    As you have read not many myself included is going to put out vast knowledge on the open forum. To many guys in pickup with a set of gauges calling themselves industry professional s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Mech View Post
    yet, you led him to water...didn't you.
    And who invited you to the party?
    Once upon the time hvac-talk was all about helping others, a friendly place, now we have a mob more interested in belittle and ridicule those that seek help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valdelocc View Post we have a mob more interested in belittle and ridicule those that seek help...
    kinda like what you did? it still is a friendly space and it is about helping others but safety should always come first. i sometimes shudder at some of the things a few of the 'pro status' posters say!
    "By Grapthars Hammer....what a savings." Galaxy Quest

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