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    HVAC system connected to AFCI breakers

    As a property inspector, it is my policy to turn all of the AFCI breakers "off" at the beginning of an inspection. (vacant buildings only) Obviously, by doing this, I can check to see if the sleeping rooms are indeed wired correctly. Much to my surprise, when I flipped off the AFCI breakers (test button) the HVAC systems stopped working in both locations. (3800 sq. ft. interior) The explanation from the builder is that the HVAC systems are required to shut down if the AFCI circuits "trip". I have never hear of such a thing. Is this true? It was my impression that HVAC circuits are "dedicated" and not to be combined with other circuits. Where am I going wrong?

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    The first question you must ask the builder is this: "whose requirement states that the HVAC system must shut down when an AFCI trips?"

    The answers could include:

    local municipality

    Fire Marshall, muni or county

    state or province

    or even an alarm Co could require it as an adjunct to their system operations.

    So, find out, and post back in this thread, if you would.
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