I sent this email a few minutes ago to my congressional delegation, probably wont do any good but if felt good to vent:

Mississippi Delagation:

While in a local discount store earlier today i witnessed something that really troubles me. I saw a couple, place a large amount of candy, chips and soft drinks on the counter (approx $75 worth) and then proceed to pay for the purchase using a ebt/snap benefits card. They then proceeded to purchase 4 cartons of cigarettes, and gave the clerk cash for that purchase. all while this was going on I saw a little frail senior hunting for change in the bottom of her purse to pay for a prescription.

Its high time that the members of Congress take a real hard look at who is really qualified for benefits and what should be allowed to be purchased with MY tax dollars. I feel first and foremost that our seniors and disabled should be first on the priority list for any and all government benefits, Lets face it, the seniors are the about the only ones who have really paid thier fair share into the system only to be told that they have too much social security income to qualify.
Also with the Great State of MS being #1 in obesity, is it a good idea to enable the ones who are most at risk by allowing them to make unhealthy purchases with tax money. Real food items should be the only purchases allowed.

I work in the service sector, im in homes everyday, and i see daily the abuse of our welfare system, i see people who are driving $40k vehicles and when they retrieve my payment, i see ebt cards and medicaid cards in their wallets. If you can afford a hi dollar ride, MY tax dollars shouldn't be feeding you!

I am of the working class, i feed a family of 5 for less than $100 a week, that is almost half of what the daily allowance per person is for snap benefits, and we eat pretty good. By no means should one dime more be put into the entitlement system until serious reform is done,

In closing, Our President ran on Hope and Change, well WE THE PEOPLE, Hope like hell that somethings are going to CHANGE. We are FED up with the constant abuse of the system.

I thank you for your time and appreciate your responce.