Any tips on heat pump manufacturers/custom manufacturers other than listed below would be much appreciated by me and probably many loft owners in similar situations.

I'm replacing an old heat pump that sits in a shallow closet, but is—worse yet—constrained in height by an unmovable pipe that limits our (vertical) unit's stance to 42" high (ah, American Invesco in Chicago always knows how to screw something up royally when it converts buildings). Any tips on either a custom cabinet or particularly short closed loop heat pump units?

So far, we've only identified three Climate Master models, two Carrier Models, and a few Trane Axioms via Googling. No Rheems or Daikin McQuays fit. Unfortunately, models that fit are either single-stage, two-stage with lower BTUs than desired, or have rotary rather than scroll compressors.

Width limit: 22" Depth limit: 30"