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    Carrier 58CVA and ECA questions


    I was double checking the settings on my system and have two questions.
    (Table of my stuff below)

    1) Is my thermostat a "2-stage" thermostat? (I have Thermidistat units, I checked the wireing and it is wired per the diagram for "Thermidistat/Two-Stage Furnace/Single-Speed Air Conditioner" from the manual).
    1b) If so, I should set SW1-2 to "On", right?

    2) I have an EACA Filter, but the contractor wired it to a 20-amp circuit (dedicated actually). I could really use to reclaim the circuit breaker slot from this (I'm full!), and I note that there is a connector "EAC-1" which as I read from the manual has as it's sole purpose in life to supply power to an electrostatic air filter. It also looks like it would be a better source of power, as it turns off when the blower isn't on (unlike in my setup where the filter is energized all the time.)
    2b) If so, how does one wire this? I wasn't able to find a detailed installation manual on Carrier's site. (I did for the rest of my equipment).

    3) What do the Red and Green LEDs on the EACA indicate? Should the both be on? Is red an error?

    4) Are there any guidelines for what speed I should operate the Constant Fan speed at? (They are set for default, and I'm able to change the speed through each of 5 speeds from the Thermidistat by playing with the fan button (off/on, etc.)

    Any help appreciated!

    HVAC Equipment

    Furnace 58CVA070---10112 66,000 Btuh Input Capacity
    Evaporator Coil CK3BXA024017AAAA
    Condenser 38EZG024---301-- 2 Ton
    Filter EACA (not sure of model, 120v though)
    Thermostat Carrier Thermidistat

    Furnace 58CVA070---10112 66,000 Btuh Input Capacity
    Evaporator Coil CK3BXA036017AAAA
    Condenser 38EZG036---311-- 3 Ton
    Filter EACA (not sure of model, 120v though)
    Thermostat Carrier Thermidistat

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    The Thermidistat is nice. I can't tell you right now about all the programming and dipswitch settings, because my service manual is out in my truck, and...I just don't feel like going after it right now.
    But if it's been wired for two stage, and you have the manual handy as to dipswitch setings and such, then do it up!

    About your EAC. I'm more used to seeing the ones that have only the one green light, but I'm wanting to say that green means it's on, red means the cells are energized. But I could be wrong.
    But I'm not wrong about this: That EAC should be wired to the board. Due to the forum rules I'm not going to tell you how to do this. But you most definitely don't want it energized with no air moving through it.

    Guidelines on the continuous fan speed? Whatever speed you like. Most people use low.
    This space for rent.

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    I found the Installation manual for the EAC.
    I also verified I have the EACAAXCC0014-A01 Model.

    According to the manuals (for 50CVA and EACA) The EAC-1 terminal provides for a maximum of 1Amp @115V. The EAC model 0014 manual states that it's maximum power consumption is 40 watts (so as I convert it, .348 Amps @ 115V)
    So this seems to be the ticket.

    Having added two branch circuits to my home, I'm planning on doing this.
    I understand that for safety reasons you guys can't advise us how to do it.

    I just want to confirm that the EAC-1 terminal on my 58CVA070---10112 is designed to mate up with the power input on my EACAAXCC0014-A01, and that is supplies adequate power of the appropriate voltage.

    I suppose I'll wait until monday and call the HVAC contractor that installed this and ***** to see if I can get them to send someone out to do it (since clearly this is how they should have hooked it up in the first place).

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